It was year 2002. Most companies did not even have a web site. The world was discovering digital marketing while we were already using it in our everyday lifes. In the 11 years of our cooperation our partner has grown into a global company with 1 200 employees which exports into 108 countries world-wide.


The original request of OMS, which focuses on profesional lighting, was to help them with marketing and to create their first web site. Companies in Slovakia did not have web sites, the country was at the dawn of an „internet age“.

The only source of product data used in OMS was a printed catalogue, which, naturally, kept becoming outdated, and therefore contained outdated and even incorrect data. The scale of the catalogue was 20 to 30 thousand product variations.

In 2002, the company had about 200 internal employees and its business scope reached to Germany, Northern Africa and a few European countries.

Why do we need a website if we receive orders by fax?

This is the type of argument we encountered. Together with OMS management, we were the pioneers of digital marketing in Slovakia. The producer of lighting was one of the first in the country who had a dynamic web site but its pioneering does not stop there:


„Creating a culture of growth isn’t a mystery. It’s simply about using the data you have to build a better experience for your customers and your business every day.”

Krista Seiden, Global Analytics Education Lead, Google


"OMS was one of the first companies in Slovakia where we intuitively applied modern marketing methods at the time when it was not called Content Marketing, Culture of Growth, or ecosystem. The contact with OMS was for our team a great challenge and a responsibility at the same time. I am very grateful to Vlado Levarsky for this experience.”

Peter Bolebruch

CEO Teesys

Increase in income to

81mil. €

in turnover in 2007

During the cooperation



From assembling parts to
own design in 108 countries world-wide